How to Find Programmers For Your Startup Company: Is Talent a Priority?

How to Find Programmers For Your Startup Company: Is Talent a Priority?

As this is a quick guide for busy people, let’s get straight to the business: talent isn’t always an answer when searching for a good programmer. And here’s why.

Whether you’re a small startup just looking for an enthusiastic developer ready to share your mad ideas, or you’re a huge company trying to create a dream team of the best professionals, choosing a new employee is always a challenge. For one thing, those who seem to be the best ones are already hired. For another, these days expertise is just the half of success.

If you want to find a developer who will offer exceptional and effective solutions, you need to look for an employee possessing particular qualities and skills. To make it easier for you, we have already singled out the essential traits your perfect candidate should have:

  • Good communication skillsIt’s not only about coding. Being able to communicate, explain the troubles they may be having, and just finding a common language with other members of a team is one of the key traits a good developer should have. As an entrepreneur, your goal is your company success, and it can only be achieved if your employees are working together. In other words, they talk and they understand each other needs, desires, and troubles.
  • Able to work under pressureNeedless to say that sometimes the deadlines can become tough. That is why, look for a person who won’t be scared away by the possibility of hard work. Otherwise, you may end up with a developer quitting your project last minute, and thus having no project at all.
  • OrganizedOnce again referring to deadlines. Writing a code can be tricky, as you can’t always predict what can go wrong. Still, it doesn’t justify long delays of the development process. For this reason, a person working with a code should be organized and great at time-management.
  • DedicatedFinally, a trait that is as important as any other is dedication. You should know better than anyone that if employee’s eyes sparkle with a twinkle of interest in the project, the whole working process is done easier, faster and more effective.

Now you know the key qualities for your future developer to have, so let’s have a look at some tips of how to find such an employee (and sometimes persuade to work for or with you).

How To Find Programmers For A Startup: A Partner Maybe?

First and foremost thing to keep in mind is that searching for a developer for a company-to-be is way different than for already established organizations. Not only do you have to find a professional, but you should also convince them that the germ of your idea is something really worth time and effort. That is why, we will help you with two steps. Step #1 is where to find a programmer. Step #2 is how to convince a professional to work for you.

Step #1 – Where To Search
  • Networking SitesThe easiest place to start are networking sites like LinkedIn. You set up the criteria of an employee you’re looking for and connect with the candidates right up your street.
  • Attend Industry EventsA truly effective way to search for a developer is going to places packed with industry workers. For this reason, check out the nearest events dealing with startups, app or software development, and connect with people there.
  • Places to ConnectLook for sites where programmers communicate. For instance, you can choose, search for groups with developers and start connecting with people there. (Don’t scare them away with all your ideas at once, move the conversation slowly).
Step # 2 – How To Persuade A Programmer To Work For/With You

Needless to say that passion is essential when working on any project. However, startup ideas greatly depend on enthusiasm and excitement, so you need to take this into consideration when looking for a programmer.

Firstly, decide whether you are looking for an employee to complete the project, or you are trying to find a partner/co-founder who will breathe life into your idea.

Secondly, make sure that your startup idea already has clear definitions and goals. In other words, validate your ideas before looking for a developer. If your idea already has possible clients, it is more likely that a professional coder will get interested in your project.

Finally, be organized and set your requirements straight. There is nothing worse than a never-ending project with tons of amendments.

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