10 Best Project Management Tools to Manage Projects in 2021

best project management tools

10 Best Project Management Tools to Manage Projects in 2021

Project management tools are the project manager’s answer to project management. Simple projects only require a checklist, while complex projects require proper planning, assigning tasks, setting deadlines, making sure everyone sticks to them, and tracking the time spent.

best project management toolsThe need to quantify, objectify, divide and delegate tasks in an appropriate and proportional manner is essential, and this is where the use of modern tools comes into play. There are many software tools out there for project management tools, and if you are new to project management it can be difficult to determine what is important, what is useful.

List of Top 10 Free Project Management Tools in 2021

  • Kissflow Project
  • Trello
  • Asana
  • Zoho Projects
  • Wrike
  • Monday.com
  • Proofhub
  • Clarizen
  • Airtable
  • Kanban Tool

If you’re in the project management tools software market, these are the best project management software reviews you should consider. The list includes both free and paid options, as well as the features you get on each plan.

10. Kanban tool:

The Kanban Tool is a good starting point for agile development. It allows you to visualize your workflow and offers continuous-time tracking capabilities. Simplify collaboration and task tracking with notifications, reports, and team management features.

best project management toolsIt provides features like reporting, document sharing, a native mobile app, and more that are ideal for medium to large businesses. The Kanban tool also offers business users the ability to host software on the site.

  • Kanban boards keep everyone on the same page.
  • True flexibility regarding prioritization, decision making, and the processes required to enter or exit at each stage
  • The work-to-do queue can be modified and prioritized based on new data and strategic inputs without impacting the rest of the product development workflow.
  • There are no dates on the Kanban boards.
  • Potentially outdated. As with any artifact, if you don’t update the Kanban board, it won’t accurately reflect things.

Price: It’s not meant for freelancers, but there is a free plan for two users and supports two project boards. Paid plans start at $ 5 per user per month and support unlimited boards. The $ 9 per user per month business plan includes advanced features such as time tracking, reporting, user management, and process automation.

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9. Airtable:

Airtable brings together the best features of spreadsheets and databases. It’s customizable and easy to use, and it’s suitable for businesses of all sizes. It lacks robust reporting capabilities, which can be problematic for some users.

best project management toolsThe database can store information that can be used to manage tasks and plan projects. Many users love the versatility of data organization that is possible with Airtable spreadsheets. There are various views such as Kanban, List, Grid, and Calendar.

  • Airtable is basically software that works like a spreadsheet.
  • Airtable users can easily hide/show fields and even move them.
  • It has a variety of templates.
  • Excellent display options.
  • Easily track project progress.
  • Higher learning curve. There are users who have reported a higher learning curve for Airtable.
  • No formula constructor.
  • The payment methods are not very convenient.
  • Lack of communication solutions.

Price: Airtable has a free plan that supports important features like rich field types, multiple views, and collaboration. Paid plans start at $ 10 per user per month for businesses with higher storage requirements. Your Pro plan offers advanced features like custom branding forms, custom submissions, and limited domain sharing.

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8. Clarizen:

Clarizen is a highly acclaimed online project management tools software designed for medium and corporate businesses. The system is intended only for project management over the Internet, so the lack of a mobile application may limit its usefulness for some teams. Users love robust reporting and the ability to track resource usage but lack a to-do list and time tracking.

best project management toolsThe learning curve is a little steep because you have specific ways to manage your workflows. Clarizen is best suited for enterprise-grade project managers, IT organizations, and professional services teams looking for powerful, flexible, and intuitive web-based project management tools software.

  • This ensures effective and results-oriented collaboration.
  • This gives you a convenient place for your planned and unplanned activities.
  • Clarizen offers an advanced project planning system.
  • Clarizen automates all processes related to request management.
  • Clarizen can be expensive.
  • Only premium users can access all customization features.
  • It usually offers standard reports that are difficult to process.
  • Some important integrations like Outlook are missing.

Pricing: Pricing information is not publicly available but is available upon request.

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7. ProofHub

ProofHub offers a centralized workspace for to-do lists, workflows, Gantt charts, discussions, calendars, and documents. It helps you plan, organize, and track your team’s tasks. It also facilitates collaboration within teams as well as with external clients. There are many reports such as workload and resource reports.

best project management toolsWith a focus on simplicity, ProofHub has very few integrations and very limited task management. This is good for both freelancers and businesses of all sizes.

  • Easy to set up and use.
  • A great tool to check.
  • Good combination of tools and functions.
  • Powerful file management and large storage capacity.
  • Limited integration.
  • A better interface is needed.
  • Too many notifications.
  • Missing messages/tasks.

Price: ProofHub has no user limit and offers a flat rate regardless of the number of users. There are two plans, the Essential plan costs $ 50 per month and the Ultimate Control plan costs $ 99 per month.

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6. Monday.com

Monday.com combines a visually appealing interface and useful project visualization tools in simple and intuitive project management tools software. It is flexible and offers a transparent way to organize your work. There are project templates at the top with which you can create your own boards. There are many display options available, such as map view and calendar view.

best project management toolsA common cause of customer dissatisfaction is the lack of repetitive tasks. Some users find it difficult to navigate the mobile application. They also offer great security, robust features, and easy setup.

  • Provides a customizable system for your projects and tasks.
  • This gives you easy access and constant monitoring.
  • The system is designed to facilitate collaboration.
  • It has excellent reporting and analysis tools.
  • You have no repetitive tasks or dependencies on your system.
  • When it’s overloaded with data, it takes time to load.
  • There are no subtasks for your main task.
  • The interface is cluttered with too many buttons, dropdowns, and gears.

Pricing: The pricing system is too complex. There is no freemium plan and you will have to spend time researching the number of users, automation, and integration steps you will need each month. Paid plans start at $ 39 per month for five users.

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5. Wrike

Wrike is a cloud-based project management application that simplifies project planning, helps you track your team’s work, has control over deadlines, and seamlessly communicates with all stakeholders. It offers many advanced features such as task management, Gantt charts, a real-time news feed, and more. You can prioritize critical tasks and ensure deadlines are met. There are also many integration options that make it a powerful project management tools package.

best project management toolsThe sheer number of features can be a little overwhelming for most new users, and the non-intuitive interface helps a little. It is ideal for different groups within an organization such as marketing, software development, and professional services.

  • Improved visibility.
  • Flexible project templates.
  • Powerful verification tool.
  • Convenient task management.
  • There is no note-taking tool.
  • This is expensive for individuals or small teams.
  • The default filter cannot be changed.

Price: There is a free version with limited features and up to five users. Paid plans start at $ 9.80 per user per month. There’s also a business plan priced at $ 24.80 per user per month. Supports features such as subtasks, Gantt charts, time tracking, and workflows.

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4. Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is a popular Zoho offering that helps companies track tasks, collaborate, track bugs, and create intuitive reports. The tool offers features like Gantt charts and the ability to bill hours for multiple projects at the same time. Zoho Projects also has an impressive set of communication tools including live chat and forum pages.

best project management toolsMany users say that Gantt charts are cumbersome to use and that detailed reports may not be enough for large teams. You can share documents from the tool.

  • The price is fair and practical.
  • Downtime is rare.
  • The billing and time tracking features are great features.
  • Support service.
  • Finding tasks needs improvement.
  • Zoho Projects can improve this by adding a search feature that allows users to expand their search for all issues and display them on one page, regardless of which page the user is on.
  • The bug report needs some work.
  • Zoho Projects users say that when they report problems.

Price: Zoho offers several pricing plan options:

  • There is a free version forever with basic features and limited users
  • The standard plan costs $ 3 and has features such as customizable statuses and issue tracking. Supports up to 10 users.
  • The Express plan costs $ 4 and supports up to 50 users. You get features such as recurring tasks, Gantt charts, and timetable approvals.
  • The premium plan starts at $ 5 and supports up to 100 users. It includes features such as task automation, business rules, resource utilization, and budgeting.
  • The Enterprise plan costs $ 6 and has no user cap. Custom roles, global Gantt charts, project dependencies are just a few of the features available.
  • All plans are per user per month.

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3. Asana:

Asana is a flexible collaboration-oriented Saas project management tool. There are workflows that automate repetitive tasks. It is intuitive with different task screens and supports custom fields and forms. You can even invite unlimited guests. There are also options for creating custom rules and approval workflows.

best project management toolsAsana offers many opportunities for productivity and collaboration, while many of the core project management tools functions are implemented through integrations that may not be suitable for all users. This is good for businesses of all sizes, but not ideal for freelancers. Some users feel that Asana’s interface is too simple and the system is too rigid, but it has strong collaboration and task management features. If your project organization style suits Asana, you’ll love it.

  • Project management tools software is important to businesses of all sizes.
  • Asana has built-in management tools to manage both internal teams and guests.
  • Asana dashboards are highly customizable, allowing team leaders to track each task individually.
  • Experienced project managers find Asana useful and beneficial.
  • Asana assigns the task to only one person to avoid confusion about who is in charge.
  • Asana is a powerful tool for tracking projects, tasks, and performers.

Price: There is a free plan for 15 users. You can manage tasks by viewing them in lists, calendars, and Kanban boards. Their Premium plan costs $ 10.99 / month per user and supports schedules, reports, custom fields, automation rules, and more. The business plan offers many features such as approvals, portfolios, rule creators, workload, and advanced integration that are not available in other plans. It is priced at $ 24.99 per user per month when billed annually.

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Trello is the leading project task management software with built-in collaboration tools to work with your teams. It is lightweight, simple, and easy to use. Use boards, lists, and cards to create tasks and stay organized. Users can collaborate on cards, share files, and leave comments.

best project management toolsThere are no reporting and time tracking functions. It is ideal for individuals or small groups managing a very small number of projects at the same time.

  • Trello uses real-time mode.
  • Adding members is easy.
  • Use the Kanban system.
  • The notification system is great.
  • Trello is data-driven.
  • Trello has limited storage.
  • Suitable for small projects.

Pricing: The basic plan is free to use. However, there are paid plans that add automation, integration, priority support, and more.

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1. Project Kissflow

This powerful universal application is one of the most popular projects management software out there. Kissflow Project is the perfect project management tool choice for functional project managers and people new to project management. Kissflow Project offers a complete set of project management features. It’s an aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-use graphical user interface that makes this all-in-one solution a great choice for all types of organizations.

best project management toolsCustom forms, rule-based WIP constraints, and custom dashboards meet the unique needs of your project and organization. The Custom Tracks View gives you a holistic view of what each project contributor is working on.

  • Simple workflow automation workflow.
  • Support service
  • Extensive APIs are available.
  • Ideal for hiring and firing employees.
  • Integration with GSuite.
  • Trouble accessing past expense reports.
  • Data export is a bit tricky.
  • Email notifications need improvement.
  • It does not come with answering machines.
  • Limitations in the process modeling program.


The Kissflow Project offers 4 price levels: Free, Starter, Professional, and Enterprise.

  • Free plan: Allows 3 users to work on the project board.
  • Launch Plan: Costs $ 35 per year for 5 users and allows for 5 projects. Each additional user costs $ 5 more.
  • Pro Plan: It costs $ 60 per year for 5 users and allows you to work on 10 projects. Each additional user costs $ 10 more.
  • Business plan: includes individual and negotiable prices.

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Our Pick

  • Project management is the main tool for executing a business plan.
  • Project management helps you detail what tasks will be performed.
  • As a rule, projects develop in stages or in stages; However, other approaches to fast and interactive project management are widely used.
  • Several tools like Trello and monday.com can be used to manage the project and communicate timing and status, including task diaries, WBSs, and Gantt charts.

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