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Your first impression is a step towards gaining a customer. UI/UX Design Services are focused towards achieving excellence in user experience, design, branding and much more. We help connecting businesses with their customers by catering their product experience & customers feedback. With the help of latest tools and following UX Processes clients will experience result- driven UI/UX Services. 

Modern application development have changed with time and UI/UX Design is the priority in any web or mobile application development process. Product kick off are highly dependent on customer experience therefore we need to define user roles & user journey for accurate development estimations. DigitalFello is a 360 IT Consultancy company that also offers complete project delivery for Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development and also offer Enterprise Software Development.

For a clear idea, Lets have a quick chat about the product or the application you want to change UI Design!

Improve product experience & make it user friendly with UI/UX Design Services 

With 10+ years of creating innovative Products Experience and Enterprise Level Software, DigitalFello is one of the leading IT Consultancy company with expertise in idea refinement, product flow design, user journey and design implementation. DigitalFello’s skilled resource pool is capable of understanding the business needs and improving its brand presentation and user experience.

If you are looking for a Dedicated Development Team to look after project management and design, you can avail complete product development under Agile Development Services.

Success guaranteed UI/UX Design Services Process 

Discover Product & Conceptualization

This is the first phase of consulting process, where multiple session are conducted with client to identify the problem. DigitalFello’s experts will analyze your product idea, define roles and structure and feature list and then prepare list of recommendations. Followed with identifying design concept, possible improvements and future steps in the right direction.

Prototype stage for think process and solution finding

Once product discovery and features are agreed upon our team start working on a prototype design by idealizing the concept. Sketching the possible scenarios, list possible changes, design improvement feedback and its impact are the next steps. At the end of this second phase, you will have a detailed strategy plan that resolves all the issues.

Delivering results and showing impact

This is the implementation stage of UI/UX Design Services where expert UI/UX Designers & Developers start working on the proposed solution. We finalize with client working agreement, improvements of user experience & handle change process for existing customers. We use Scrum and Kan Ban approach, as the consultants keep you updated on what is the delivery status.

  • What are UI/UX Services?

    UI and UX service include branding, making web design responsive, promotional designs, web & mobile apps and user experience consulting services. UI Design services help business to rectify their application flows and user journey experiences.
    We ensure companies get the best design experience, innovative user interface, customer acquiring UI designs, mobile application designs and UX Developer services.

  • Why Choose Our UI/UX Company?

    DigitalFello’s 10 years of experience in IT industry have helped dozens of brands to kick off, relaunch and modernize there user experience. This makes us excellent choice for any business by increasing traffic & improve user engagement on application.
    Second reason to choose DigitlFello is the transparent work process that insure clients have a clear understanding of why a certain change or updation is being done.

  • Why UX Services are important?

    UX Service when given with accuracy turn a dream user experience into reality. UX Design is about understanding what a customer would be looking into and catering their needs. Prime focus is to create very simple yet very innovative user journey experience for any visitor. You can avail  Web Development Services to completely drive website design and development process.

  • What skills does a UX designer need?

    A UX designer is a highly innovative position and that requires a person to be a hybrid with experience in nearly all domains. A UX designer will have to present research, prototypes, wireframes, visual communication & user journey’s to its manager.

    A UI UX designer is the first starting user for any startup application or a solution, because he will present the picture to developers and product managers. That is why he has to be very skilled and accurate.

Types of UI/UX Services

Web Design Services

A Web design interface is the first engagement point for audience. It needs to be positive, driving and highly professional so that you leave an impact on them to use application.

DigitalFello have the expertise in web designing of enterprise application, mobile applications, Dashboard sites and UI/UX guidelines for any kind of website that suits any business needs.

UX Research

UX Research aims to gather data from different user types against the application usage. UX researchers will explore product, learn the flows and provide impact-full suggestions.

DigitalFello Services include user journey mapping, UI architecture decisions and brand designers that work to modernize solutions. For any technology related talent to join existing teams, avail Dedicated Development Teams Services.

Cross platform Design Experience

Since cross platform technologies have emerged the technology world more and more web & mobile apps are focused on similar design and user friendly experience.

With DigitalFello’s ui/ux design services you will get results that will help boost a company business and provide quality throughout the cross platform paradigm.

Product Design

Developing a new product  is always challenging, it takes strong think process and product flow structure. Our UI/UX consultants can engage in these sessions and build the easiest yet most effective flow for your product design.

We engage with the development team by creating them flows of application, suggestions theme & color, recommending design tools and implementing design.

Mobile Apps UI/UX Design

Native and cross platform mobile apps are a tough subject to be handled by development teams. Our expert mobile UI/UX experts insure that clients products are user friendly on all platforms.

If you are looking for mobile UI updation, getting the most immersive customer experience, increase the efficiency & design of mobile apps, you should consider availing mobile UI/UX Services.

UI/UX Consulting

For legacy products or solutions that are looking for re branding themselves, our  team’s experience of over a decade can help any business modernize & update product to latest standards.

We follow Agile methodologies and offer smooth transition from legacy to modern ui/ux design. You can also use Web Application Development and Mobile Application Development Services.


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