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For businesses that are looking to expand, modernize, improve architecture or scale their applications we offer skilled IT Consulting Services. Whether it is a new product, legacy system or just a raw idea that needs quality delivery, our team of highly trained IT Consultants experts can accept the challenge and deliver the best results. Consider every scenario that you are facing and build a flexible yet cost effective solution around that.

Moreover, 83% of customers keep coming back to avail software development services because of quality and transparency. Also we offer IT Consultancy to most of customers even if they have large scale decisions to make regarding application scalability & security. Whether you are looking for  Web Application Development Service or interested in Dedicated Development Team. DigitalFello have a highly skilled group of IT resources that you can utilize.

For a clear idea, Lets have a quick chat about the scenario you are stuck in and let us help you get you out of it!

Improve business performance & make it efficient with IT Consulting Services 

With 10+ years experience in software development DigitalFello is a top notch IT Consultancy company with professionals having expertise in cloud applications, mobile applications, custom & enterprise software solutions. DigitalFello offers IT consulting services that are totally based on analysis of pre-sales meeting and come up with a solution. Expert IT consultants will present a draft design of how to shape the cost and time effective solution. If you are looking for a Dedicated Development Team to look after your project management and development, we offer experienced and highly skilled teams with expertise in Web Application Development and Mobile Application Development as well.

Our success guaranteed IT Consulting Process 

Analyze business problem

This is the first phase of the consulting process that includes multiple session with client in order to identify the problem. Experts analyze current application design structure, deployment structure and prepare a list of recommendations. We identify workflow issues, prepare detailed documentation that list all the possible issues, improvements and future steps in the right direction.

Deliver strategy to resolve and tackle the problem

After gaining enough knowledge of problems or desired solution we start working on a strategy to tackle all the issues and prioritize the implementation. Using Agile methodologies, going through T-Shirt sizing and large scale story estimations with you and share time and cost estimates. At the end of this second phase, you will have a detailed strategy plan that resolves all the issues.

Engage our IT Consultants to improve the performance

This is the implementation stage of IT Consulting Services that engages expert IT consultants to start working on the resolving of the problems. Finalizing a working agreement, number of consultants working and time estimate is decided. Scrum and Kan Ban approach are used so that consultants keep you updated on what is the delivery status. If you are looking for complete software solution building, we can be your IT Consultancy partners.

  • Why Choose Our IT Consulting Company?

    With 10+ years experience in software development and IT industry DigitalFello’s core team has worked on all latest and legacy software languages. This makes us excellent choice for latest technology stacks and shifting a legacy system to a newer versions.
    Our consultation process is smooth and yet transparent. DigitalFello keeps customers aware of any upcoming road blocks and potential threats in advance. With extensive experience in industry, we believe transparency plays a very important role when offering services.

  • Why Enterprise IT Consulting Services Are Necessary for Business?

    When you have a large scale application, you know there are lot of things other than development that you need to focus on. Database administration, database optimization & deployment are all the core features that require individual time to improve and maintain.
    It depends on the core team of the business how they handle all them. We believe if enterprise application’s architecture is ignored, it can be a costly decision at a later point.

  • What Technology Consultancy Services we offer?

    With 10+ years expertise we have about every technology stack covered in the umbrella including core Java, C#, Python, Node, Angular, React, Javascript, Html, CSS and UI/UX Design Services. Further, having expertise in latest technology stacks like Go, MongoDB, DynamoDB, Serverless architecture, CouchDB, AWS Services, Azure & Google Cloud.

  • What are our IT Consultants expertise?

    DigitalFello believes in Full Stack Software engineering teams and who are capable of handling deployment and continuous integrations as well. Our consultants are highly equipped and well trained before they are deployed or outsourced to a remote team.

    IT Consultants first access our client requirement and then go through multiple session within the team to pick the right team for the client.


    I believe quite lot of questions are covered about what are IT Consulting services and how do they benefit any business. And now you have enough knowledge of DigitalFello services and what is our consultation procedure. Our domain expertise are in Web & Mobile Application development, SEO & Digital Marketing and Cloud & Dedicated Development teams.

Types of IT Consulting Services

IT Strategy Consulting

When you are the start of the application life cycle process or want to restructure how you planned the product design & development, DigitalFello can help you out carving the strategy.

DigitalFello have expertise in Auditing an IT team, Development Process, Agile Delivery Process, Database design & recommend you process that suits any business needs.

Product Launch Consulting

If you are a startup, this is what brings us on top in the market with expert entrepreneurs who have been part of various success product launches. DigitalFello consultants can help identify target audience, UI/UX Services, ROI, cost & time estimates as well.

Our core development team can be the dedicated development team to build the complete solution. Following Agile delivery model, we will provide complete IT startup pack including Digital Marketing and SEO Services that you can avail from us.

IT Solutions Management

From business model understanding to delivering excellence in development, any business can rely on our IT solutions team. Delivering a well-structured plan including technology stack, Serverless, database, cloud and deployment process is part of core consultancy services.

DigitalFello can also create components from solutions so that they can integrate themselves with other components of internal or external IT solutions.

Enterprise Architecture Consulting

Developing & maintaining large scale applications is never easy. There are leakage points in terms of security, cost, efficiency and team management. DigitalFello experts have the expertise to handle enterprise architecture and protect the environment from cyber attacks.

Our IT consultants help evolve any cloud designs and data warehouse architecture to meet the growing needs of enterprise application.

Infrastructure Management Services

With the rise of cloud and its features most of applications are using infrastructure capabilities to strengthen their web applications. DigitalFello offers technical team to handle AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, CRM systems and Data Maintenance.

You can rely on company’s abilities for cloud infrastructures and continuous integrations. With the expertise and skills, consultants have successfully deployed and maintaining 50+ multiple infrastructures.

Cyber Security Consulting

This is an in-depth consulting where focus is on protecting the company assets including systems, code base, cloud servers, databases & REST/SOAP connections. Cyber Security is a real threat to modern applications and that is why we trust on our 10+ years experienced team of individuals.

Our team is expert in cloud and software level security and can also prepare a developer guideline so a developer machine is ready to tackle cyber attacks.


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