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Reusable Food Bags are used to reduce the usage of disposable plastic bags and provide consumers with reusable, safe, environmentally friendly, PEVA food storage bags while doing our best to preserve the environment. We produce reusable storage bags that are food-grade and devoid of PVC, BPA, chloride, and lead. Peva materials are environmentally safe when burnt or disposed of. A single reusable bag may replace 300 throwaway ones. Dual sealing closures ensure a solid seal in brightness. Upgraded zippers that are simple for kids to access and close. Food may be stored and stabilised safely in a deep freezer while retaining all of its natural flavours. 

Associated scientific sources state that although humans have generated 18.2 trillion pounds of plastic. Every year, the average American household uses up to 2000 plastic bags that end up in landfills, where it might take a very long time to decompose. And if the plastic isn’t disposed of at a landfill, it can find its way to the ocean, where it can contaminate the water and harm marine life.

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