Java Development


Tech Lead

Talha is leading technical project management and agile delivery in DigitalFello

Software Engineer, Game Developer and for fun WordPress Developer. Experienced working in AGILE based multinational environments, along with exceptional analytical, design and Test-Driven Development skills.

Experience building large scale web applications and REST API’s. Test Driven Development (TDD), Pair Programming, Collective Code Ownership and Continuous Deployment are some of the principles I am comfortable with.

Technology Proficiencies

● Build Tools: Maven, Gradle
● Languages: Java, C# (Unity3D)
● Java Technologies: Json, JSP, JSTL, Junit, Thymeleaf, Concordion, Mockito
● Frameworks: Spring, Spring Boot, Hibernate
● Databases: MongoDB, PostgresSQL, MySQL
● Front-End Tools: Anugular, VueJS, JavaScript, jQuery, Html, CSS, Bootstrap
● Application Servers: Tomcat
● Game Development Tools: Ultimate Mobile, Photon (Multiplayer), Ad Mediation Services
● Development Tools: IntelliJ, Eclipse, VS Code, Unity3D
● CMS: WordPress
● Project Management: Git, VSS, Unity Collab, Jira, AWS, Trello, Jenkins

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Majid Turkey
He is responsible for delivering high quality digital products. His role in quality control is huge.
Talha Zahid
Skilled in designing Architecture of both Cloud and Software Development with AWS services.
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